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Occupation: Dad



Jason has a job, okay? He just works from home now. Things are tough nowadays what with the economy and all. So, stop looking at him like that. Lots of dads stay home with their babies. Right? It’s no big deal and it’s really not that tough. Except his kid won’t walk. And his mother won’t help. And his older brother’s a jerk-off. And his sister’s kids are already perfect and the playground moms are psychotic and everybody on Facebook hates him. But, other than all that, everything is just hunky-dory. Except his dad – you know what, forget his dad. It’s fine. Seriously. Everything is …

3 Men

4 Women

2015 – 2016 Anthony Trisolini Named Fellowship Award

2016 Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights Festival – Feature Production


ChocolateSexPuppyTacos (A Non-Denominational Comedy)


A stand-up comic looking for a hideout and redemption, finds himself helping his preacher brother save his ministry. Anti-religion, but great at public speaking, the comedian uses his skills to draw a crowd. Is there much of a difference between comedy clubs and churches?

3 Men – 30s

2 Women – 30s

ChocolateSexPuppyTacos (A Non-Denominational Comedy) – 1st Scene

2015 Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwright’s Festival


Run Kingsbury Run

RKR Ensemble poster

Inspired by the 1938 events surrounding the catch and release of Cleveland’s Torso Killer, Run Kingsbury Run, tells the story of the men out to save the city from a butcher, and the secrets that refuse to remain buried within the city’s forgotten capillaries.

4 Men – 30s – 50s

RKR – 1st Scene

2014 Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights Festival

2015 Ensemble Theatre – Cleveland Columbi New Plays Festival


Dancing With N.E.D.


Dancing With N.E.D is a bold, dark comedy about the unlikely friendship that develops between an acerbic, alcoholic, irreverent 55-year-old woman who’s dying of cancer and the young man she hires to help her plan her final days.

1 Female — 55, any race.

1 Male — 20’s – 30’s, any race.

* 2014 Finalist for Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte 3rd Annual “nuVoices Festival.”

* 2012 Ensemble Theatre – Cleveland‘s Colombi New Play Festival

* 2014 The Grange Playhouse — Howell, NJ

NED – 1st Two Scenes



chicago loop el train

On the verge of planning his future with Leslie, John runs into his ex, Kimberley. Looking to put some distance between himself and his lingering feelings for her, John looks to help Kimberley as she tries to live with tragedy in her own life. As he works towards his future, John realizes his past isn’t as clear as he thought it was.

2 Females — 20s -30s, any race.

1 Male — 20s – 30s, any race.


The Unofficial Almost True Campfire Tales of Put-in-Bay


It’s Historical Weekend in Put-in-Bay and the Annual Gathering of American Scout Campers are tucked away for the night dreaming of sailing
knots, courage badges, and campfires … except for one little boy and
girl who instead dream of exploring the island. When ghost stories can’t
get them tucked in their tents, their fathers must try another tact
and regale them with tales of battle ships, one-legged sea captains, and
a monument made of cheese. Nothing but glorious cheese. It’s a trek
through island history, one myth at a time.

3 Males — 1 Adult, 2 Children (played by adults), any race.

1 Female — 1 Child (played by an adult), any race.

* 2013 Put-in-Bay Arts Council Bi-Centennial Celebration — Put-in-Bay, OH


The Madness and Short Plays of Tyler JC Whidden



A collection of short plays (1 – 3 minutes) and plays produced as part of Ohio University’s popular “Midnight Madness” (3 – 10 minutes) weekly short play festival.

Multiple Characters, various ages, any race.

Example Plays:

Wyoming Play

Peekaboo – mono (5 minute monologue play)

GI Joe Trilogy





(Produce it for free)

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